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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keep Calm & Sew On

Sewing is a lot of fun so why not make it even better! These great handmade finds will keep you company while you do your sewing. First we have this great little mending kit. Put it in your purse in case of sewing emergencies or keep your sewing needles safe.
And how cute is this tape measure?! This would make a very unique gift for the sewer in your life... *hint hint* ;) It even resembles a certain blogger who is to be named nameless.

Did anyone say they are sick of staring at a bare wall? Bring some whimsical wall art to your space and never have a plain wall again.
And isn't this pin cushion ring just divine? I would just LOVE to have one on every finger. They are just too wonderful and will keep your pins from being lost. (and possibly stepped on... I think we all know what that's like).
And last but certainly not the least. We have a great way to stay on time. Just be prepared to be repeatedly asked where you got it from.
Have an Etsian day!


Duni said...

I love all of these items! That tape measure is just the cutest :)

vdazzled said...

I love that little pin cushion ring, so cute!

Naomi said...

Such cute finds! Love the little pin cushion!

Liz (made in lowell) said...

Thanks so much for featuring my pincushion ring! Your blog is awesome :)